Maluanwan launches first China-Europe train

A China-Europe (Xiamen) freight train set off on Oct 24 from the Qianchang railway goods yard in Maluanwan New Town in Xiamen, which is located in East China's Fujian province, and is headed for Hamburg, Germany.

It is the first China-Europe train that the yard is using for trial operations. It was loaded with 50 containers of "Made-in-China" products including solar power brackets, liquid crystal displays and garments.

At present, construction of the hardware facilities for the Qianchang multimodal transport monitoring center is expected to be completed soon, and after it is operational, all China-Europe (Xiamen) freight trains will depart from the goods yard.

According to the administration of Maluanwan New Town, Qianchang logistics park and the goods yard are expected to offer more efficient and convenient logistics services to help reduce foreign trade companies' costs and provide them more benefits.

The relocation of Xiamen's China-Europe freight service to Maluanwan is expected to help the new town become a new national logistics hub and a pivot for China-Europe sea-rail intermodal transportation, according to a local administration official.

In addition, it is expected to attract more companies to set up operations in Maluanwan to enrich the area's industrial chains and help achieve high-quality development.