Health Tips

Learn to modify your diet with age

Diet plays a quintessential role in an overall well being. A healthy diet at every stages of life ensures a hearty and active future.  On the International Women’s Day, let’s pledge to follow the tips given by Nmami Agarwal, Nutritionist of Manushi Chillar (Miss World 2017) and the founder of the award-winning diet and nutrition brand, Nmami Life that focuses on personalized nutrition for everyone, especially the fitness & sports enthusiasts, men, women and celebrities.

Why should the diet change with age ?

Ans 1) Every woman has a different lifestyle, body shape, dietary habits and sleeping patterns. You may not look same as you used to look some years ago, as the body is changing slowly and gradually.On in on 20 ’s, 30’s, 40’s is the time to maintain a good health but also the time to start making better health habits for a healthy future. The requirements of different nutrients changes with age, so it’s advisable to incorporate healthy options as early age to maintain the weight, prevention of bones from getting weak , sleep patterns and to maintain a youthful skin for longer.


What are the various demand of nutrients for each age group?

Ans 2)   Nutrients in 20’s

Calcium: The essential nutrient required by every woman. The calcium requirements change with age. It very important for the body as it prevents the weakening of bones like osteoporosis (brittle bones). Dairy is the best source of calcium like milk, cheese, yoghurt and some other sources like salmon, sardines, tofu and nuts.

Iron:  Generally, this nutrient is present in low amounts in the body. Less intake slowdowns the immune system and might suffer from fatigue. So, it’s important to have a good intake of iron with iron-rich sources like red meat, chicken and fish.  Iron is present in fewer amounts in green leafy vegetables and legumes, but it can be absorbed with vitamin c rich like tomato, broccoli, capsicum

Nutrients in 30’s

Get low carbs but not no carbs :

Generally, women start skipping carbs from their diet, believing the fact they gain that belly fat. So instead of avoiding them go on a low carb diet with high fibre content so that it keeps you full for long like whole grain toast, brown rice, oatmeal.

Iodine : When it comes to pregnant and breastfeeding women iodine deficiency can lead to the risk of miscarriage and premature birth. Therefore, the low dairy food items like yoghurt and milk or three servings of seaweed can help the children and unborn baby healthy.


Nutrients in 40’s


To speed up the metabolism on should eat the diet rich omega – 3 fatty acids like in fish, olive oil and green leafy vegetables, green tea and citrus fruits.

Fibre: For the betterment of digestive system fibre rich diet is essential which includes brown rice, oats, rye and corn. At least 3-4 servings of fruits and vegetables should also be included.

Soybean: It has many health benefits for the women in menopause. It protects from coronary heart disease and lower risk of osteoporosis. Sources like tofu, soy nuts, soy yoghurt and cheese, soy milk etc.

Can you suggest a healthy diet plan for women above 30yrs ?

Ans 3) As we reach our 30’s body start adopting different dietary changes. As your diet habits will not be same as it was in your 20’s as it doesn’t fulfil the nutritional needs and it might cause unwanted weight gain. Things to include in your diet.

Eat a lot of whole grains like barley, brown rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, millet, whole wheat bread.

Eat lots of fruits apple, papaya, oranges, kiwi, watermelon, banana and green vegetables like lettuce, spinach, broccoli, kale etc.

Avoid fried items like french fries, sugary drinks, candy bars, white bread, ice cream, such types of alcohol.

Include lean protein in your diet like low fat dairy product, beans, lentils, pulses, eggs, chicken (grilled and roasted)

Include more omega 3 and potassium-rich foods like nuts, walnuts, flaxseed, canola oil, salmon, tuna, plain yoghurt.

How to meet the nutritional needs at the age of 40 yrs?

Ans 4) Eating a well balanced and nutritious diet is very important to prepare one’s body for the upcoming changes. Sooner or later, the phase of menopause arrives in a women’s life for which the body needs to be nutritionally well equipped with all nutrients. Following is the list of food one must for a fit and well body in their 40’s

Pump up the protein – Eating a protein-rich diet, full of eggs, poultry and legumes help in mood uplifting neurotransmitters and reduce the chances of depression and poor memory in women.

Supplement with Sunshine Vitamin - From making a daily routine for 15 -20 for sitting in sunlight to consuming foods like tuna, milk, mushroom and egg yolks on the daily basis can support one’s body with Vitamin D deficiency.

Incorporate Calcium – Rich food – With increasing cases of osteomalacia and osteoporosis, Yoghurt, milk and their products must be incorporated in the diet. So, make sure to have a fresh bowl of plain yogurt for lunch or include a glass of milk in breakfast.

Boost your skin with Antioxidants – Wrinkles and blemishes are a constant worry for every woman. A diet rich in antioxidant, filled fresh fruits (strawberries and berries) and veggies (spinach, lettuce and cauliflower) can reduce the signs of aging and fight inflammation.

What should you avoid eating at the age of 60 yrs?

Ans 5) Getting into your 60’s brings a lot of change in one’s system, from your decreasing physical strength to weakened immunity, the body undergoes various changes. One of the key aspect to survive this age of 60, with these new changes, will be devoting utmost care to their health and nutrition. There are certain foods which, needs to be altered from daily diet, mentioned below –

Curb the white’s, Salt and Sugar - The excessive intake of salt and sugar needs is associated with high blood pressure, cardiac problems. It is advised to avoid sugar in your daily Tea/coffee and reduce the intake of salt in their daily diet.

Reduce the alcohol intake- Moderate drinking can help to reduce the changes of heart attacks and disturbed sleep pattern. So, instead of 2 glasses start to have only 1 glass of wine.

Avoid processed and ready to make foods – Filled with high sodium content and preservatives, these foods are only leading to rapid spikes in blood sugar levels. They are not only low in nutrient content and but also makes a difficult digestion for one’s system.

Limit the dairy in your diet – Due to a slow metabolism with age, dairy products are often not easily tolerated. Complains about flatulence, diarrhoea and indigestion are commonly reported. Therefore, instead of full – fat milk products, one can either reduce the quantity or have low –fat dairy products in their daily diet.

What would you advice the women on the Women’s day?

Ans 6) This Women’s day, I wish to empower and thank all the women who have outshined and made this world a better place. Remember “It’s never too late to reinvent yourself, accept and believe in your power to fulfil all your dreams and aspirations.” Start making small changes in your lifestyle to move towards a healthy and a nourishing lifestyle. With your kids and family, don’t overlook your health and nutrition. Good nutrition can take you a long way. So, modify your diet accordingly and enjoy the transitions of life. And, Like I always say, Eat today for a better tomorrow.